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TechView Team is an online learning portal started by TechView, An ISO 9001:2015 Certified IT Company. TechView deals in IT services like educational support services,  Software development, Website designing, network services, digital marketting and more .Years of research have indicated that students learn the most difficult concepts easily when explained in a language they most understand and with live practical and video,images, examples and practical insights. Each of the subjects we teach at This portal are offered in Hindi/English languages, have perfect examples and lots of practical insights and are taught by experts in their fields. TechView Team also offers exam's for those who have knowledge of subject ,User can attempt the exam to practice and test their knowledge level in that particular subject.We try to provide all study material related to courses for free as we strongly support Free Learning for All. On this portal we also organised Online Quiz contest for our learner's by attempting these quiz they can boost up their confidence and earn money (Prize money provided by organizer of Quiz contest) 

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Over and above the passionate team of Subject Matter Experts We are a passionate group of Professionals, Educators, and Technology geeks who want to share knowledge.

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We currently have a lot of courses/Exam's in the IT domain/Technology and we are adding new courses every day. If you want to see a course that you feel is missing please let us know. Please email us at or

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TechView Team is available on the Web. Browse the courses from list , enroll into any course and watch the video and learn . every course offered a free certificate of completion if you get minimum 50 % in final exam of that course.

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Our Focus is to provide better and useful content at free of cost . so it would be so kind if you support our team by donating .

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Join Us  If you are a Learner, Expert, Technology geek, Educator who love to share knowledge . To join us all you have to do is write a mail to or . and select a subject which you want to teach our students. Our Team will give you access to this portal as an educator and then you can share your knowledge here for free.

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If you own a business/YouTube Channel then this portal can be also helpful for you.This portal offers Online Quiz contest which can be funded by you, it will give your business/YouTube channel a reach to many users which sure will help to grow your business/YouTube channel . To get more details write a mail to or