Android App Development Course Syllabus


  • Getting started: Basic about Android app

Android Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Android
  • Android Features and App Categories
  • Android Studio Installation
  • Android Studio Environment Setup
  • Understanding android studio interface
  • Importing and Creating projects
  • Android Architecture
  • Application Components
  • Additional Components


  • Introduction to JAVA for Android
  • JAVA OOPS Concept
  • JAVA constructor
  • JAVA classes
  • JAVA Object

Android Application Components

  • Creating First Projects
  • Android Life Cycle
  • Android Resource
  • Demo Application
  • Introduction to Android Services
  • Android Service Life Cycle
  • Service Demo Practical
  • Broadcast Receiver Practical
  • Content Provider Implementation
  • Creating content URI & Description
  • Content Provider
  • Fragment Overview
  • Fragment life cycle
  • Intent and Filters
  • Intent Method and Objects
  • Intent Category
  • Type of Intents
  • Intent and Filter Demo
  • Intent standard action
  • Intent standard Categories
  • Intent standard Extra data
  • Assignment and Exam

Android UI and Widgets

  • User Interface -overview
  • User interface Layout
  • UI linear Layout
  • UI relative Layout
  • UI table Layout
  • UI Absolute Layout
  • UI Frame Layout
  • UI List View using adapter
  • List view Attributes and array adapter
  • UI list view DEMO
  • UI Grid View DEMO

Android UI control and Components

  • UI text view control
  • UI text view control attributes
  • UI text view DEMO
  • UI Edit Text control
  • UI Edit Text DEMO
  • UI Auto complete Text View control
  • UI Button control
  • UI Button control DEMO
  • UI Image Button Control
  • UI Checkbox control
  • UI Toggle Button control
  • UI radio Button control
  • UI Radio Group control
  • UI Progress-bar control
  • UI Spinner control
  • UI Time picker control
  • UI date Picker control

Event Handling in Android

  • Basic Event Handling: Event Listeners & Event Handlers
  • Android Event Handler Method
  • Event listener registration
  • Style and theme in android

Services in Android

  • Introduction:- Services in android
  • ADIL in android
  • Services example in android

Working with Database

  • Introduction different Database for android app
  • Firebase Setup in android studio
  • Using Firebase console
  • Creating Firebase project and understanding different services offered by Firebase
  • Using Authentication in Android App
  • Mobile OTP authentication using Firebase
  • Setup Firebase real-time database
  • Using Firebase Realtime database in android app
  • Firestore setup and use case
  • Using Google analytic in android app
  • Complete App Flow with firebase
  • working with mysql remote database

Working With API

  • Introduction to API
  • Setup API in Realtime server
  • Consuming API in android app
  • Use case example and benefits of API

Building Real Apps

  • Build Profile App
  • Build Blogs App
  • Build E-commerce App
  • Detailed flow study of some famous Apps

Earning With Android App

  • Overview : Earning with android app
  • Setting up google AdSense Account
  • Integrating Ads in your Android App

Publish App to Play Store

  • Creating Developer account on Play store
  • Publishing app to play store