Web Designing Course (Practical) Syllabus


  • Course overview ,
  • What is Website, Domain Name, Web server , How Website work on internet .
  • Understanding Flow of Webpages


HTML, CSS & JavaScript

  • Basic of HTML,CSS and JavaScript
  • Summary


Introduction to WordPress

  • Introduction of different Web Technology
  • What is CMS 
  • What is WordPress,Joomla,Magneto etc
  • How WordPress Works
  • Type of Website
  • Summary


Setting up WordPress and uses

  • Introduction of WordPress 
  • Installation of server 
  • installation & configuration WordPress 
  • Setting up development environment of WP
  • WordPress internal structure as CMS
  • understanding theme of WordPress and uses
  • understanding, installation and configuration of plugins
  • Exploring where plugins reside 
  • WordPress page creation ,uses page editor
  • introduction to different free available tool and plugins
  • Summary


Live hosting

  • Live Web Hositng requirements
  • Buy Domain name and hosting
  • Deploying Website on Internet.
  • Introduction to cPanel, how to Use, feature and control
  • Enable FTP access and managing file
  • Setup SSL free/paid
  • Troubleshooting the project application after implementation
  • Summary


Practical Web Designing 

  • Build a Blog Website using WordPress
  • Build a Personal Website using WordPress
  • Build a Business Website 
  • Build a Community/Ngo Website
  • Build an e-Commerce Website using WordPress
  • Build a News portal Website
  • Practical Assessment Test


Digital Marketing for Website 

  • Enable Google AdSense for Website
  • Enable amazon affiliate marketing on Website.
  • Show website on google search option.
  • Run advertisement on Google.
  • Summary